Newsletter Services

We provide two kinds of newsletter services: one is full-service, and the other is just-the-writing. We also can act as consultants and project managers for you as you get your newsletter off the ground.


What we do:

We draft the content for each issue. These articles don’t just act as a sales showcase for your company; they give your readers information they want and need.


We also compose the blurbs and headlines that will appear on the “front page” of your newsletter. This content encourages your readers to click through and associate your brand with expertise and value.


What you do:


Strategize with us to determine the focus of each article. In some cases, you might provide (or be) the sources.


The end product:

All of the text you need for a newsletter. You just have to plug it in.


What we do:

In addition to creating the content (see above), we do all of the behind-the-scenes stuff: design, list management, tracking results, and testing for continuous improvmement.


What you do:

You communicate with us to tell us what you do and don’t want. We have conversations. Sometimes you are the source for articles; sometimes you provide the sources for articles through introductions. You provide the list of recipients. You manage the relationship with the software company that acts as the Email Service Provider. You are the approver.


The end product:

A quarterly or bimonthly electronic newsletter that resonates with your clients and prospects.


What we do:

We help you figure out what kind of newsletter you want to publish.


Should it be quarterly or bimonthly? How many articles should it have? What should the approval process be before publication? How do you make sure you hit all the necessary steps? How long does it take? How do you build a list? What email service provider should you use?


We talk with you to figure out what will work best to fit both your objectives and your budget and put together an action plan for you.


What you do:

Answer our questions.


The end product:

A year-long publication schedule and flow-chart, as well as recommendations for content and service providers.

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