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Have a question about what Seedling does or how the ghostwriting process works? We've collected our most frequently asked questions to help you out. If you have a question not addressed here, go ahead and email us. We're happy to discuss writing anytime.


Why do people use ghostwriters?


It depends. Some people are too busy to do their own content creation. Some people know they need help with writing.


We provide a range of services: We have clients who look at us as an outsourced marketing management team, and we have clients who just use an outsourced writer. It’s like having someone on staff to take care of the writing, the editing, and/or the content marketing strategy—without having to pay a full-time salary and benefits. You can choose to use as many or as few of our services as you need.


How does the process work?


It starts with a conversation. You talk about your idea, and the ghostwriter asks clarifying questions and helps you crystallize your own thoughts around the purpose and audience for the document you’re composing together.


Then, the ghostwriter spends time shaping the work. Often, many of the things you say in the conversation get used directly in the final piece, but sometimes it’s just the idea that makes it into the final draft.


How long does the process last?


It depends on the size of the project. If you would like a couple of articles or web pages to be ghostwritten, for example, it usually takes about two weeks from beginning to end. That includes two rounds of revisions—the first based on your feedback around content changes, the second that polishes the work.


That doesn’t mean you’ll experience radio silence during the time when your piece is being written. You can continue to communicate and ask questions, and your ghostwriter will be available to you throughout the course of the project.


If you’re working on a larger project, like a full newsletter or a regularly updated blog, we’ll provide you with a schedule, so you’ll know what to expect when.


Does this all take place over the phone?


Usually. If you’d feel more comfortable meeting with your ghostwriter in person, or would like to start out your relationship with a face-to-face meeting and then rely on phone calls, you can make that request.


What if it doesn’t sound like me?


Don’t worry. We always do revision rounds. You also have the opportunity to adjust the text after the ghostwriter sends over an initial draft. You can play with and edit the piece as much or as little as you like.


A good ghostwriter picks up on the sentence construction, vocabulary, and style that you prefer and incorporates that more and more into pieces you work on together as time passes. Good ghostwriters are good listeners.


Who will I be working with?


In most cases, you’ll be working with Sarah Eaton. If you’d like someone with special expertise in a certain industry, Sarah can source the appropriate writer for your needs.


What if I’ve written something and just need some help polishing it?


Sometimes you need an impartial editor. That’s another way in which you can work with a ghostwriter. We can help you to shape your content so the audience connects with and understands it. Whether you’ve been looking at the piece for two months and can’t see its flaws any longer (which happens to everyone) or you feel frustrated and stuck, a ghostwriter can get you to the end result more quickly.


I’m not sure if I know what I need. How do I figure it out?


Set up a call with Seedling; we’ll talk with you about your basic ideas, and then follow up with a questionnaire to help you pinpoint exactly where you need help and where you have the in-house talent to take care of things. From there, we define our working relationship. At Seedling, we approach work with our clients collaboratively; each relationship is constructed to align with your needs.

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